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Erich Soldat Textile Agency: Your European & Custom-Tailored Textiles Expert

Erich Soldat Textile Agency specializes in European and custom-tailored textiles for fashion designers. We offer a wide array of options including wovens, knits, prints, and embroideries prepped for Women’s Ready to Wear. We can also source or create very specific fabrics for fashion designers who have a precise vision in mind.

Textiles Rich in Quality and History

Our mills not only produce beautiful, on-trend, high-quality textiles but there are also long histories attached to them. An Alexander McQueen development that we worked on came from a mill that is 300 years old and is still in family hands.

Large and Small Textile Orders Welcome

We offer low minimums, as low as 10 yards in some cases which is great for small collections or independent designers. We’ve also taken orders well over 5,000 yards. Our prices range from $15 to about $500 a yard depending on the intricacy of the design and the craftsmanship that goes into the fabric.

“Erich possesses the qualities that make him such a valued Textile agent. He not only has strong fabric knowledge, but he is extremely organized and meticulous, and he works with a high sense of urgency.”
Terri T. Product Developer at Perri Ellis International

Unique Textile Options We Offer

  • 3D Prints - Digitally diffused shapes and designs printed out into unique textiles via a 3D printer.

  • Devoré - This is a burned-out velvet technique that creates a beautiful semi-sheer texture with optional contrasting colors.

  • Dégradé - Also known as ombré, is a technique where the colors gradually change from light to dark (in a monochromatic sense) or gradually change from one color to another.

  • Plated Lace - We can send out our laces to get plated to add a metallic finish. Embroidery can also be added to the lace before being sent to get plated.

  • Reversible Sequins - Pretty popular in the last few years, this embroidery trend allows a person to run their hand against the fabric and it will change to a different color sequin underneath.

  • Laser Cut Designs - A manufacturing term that uses special laser technology to create cut-out patterns on your finished product. This works best on slightly stiff fabrics.

Custom Tailored Textiles for Your Collection

Your vision comes to life with the help of our expertise, experience, and high-quality historic mills. We can assist designers in customizing existing fabric by changing colorways, or sizing of prints. Simply give us a photo of your inspiration or the idea you are trying to portray and we can help get it on the runway. Our plain fabrics come with a wide array of color choices. If you want something more specific for your collection, bring in Pantone swatches and we can have the mill match it to your liking.

From the Loom to the Runway

Oscar de la Renta has been one of our couture clients for various collections pieces. For one collection, they requested an archived fabric and with the change of colorways and embroidered details, we reinvented those fabrics into new, fresh applications. This designer has in the past requested embroidered, hollow polka dots cascading from small to large dots. We were able to create a unique look for them based on their vision with an original, laser-cut finish.

For another collection, la Renta came to us and ended up loving an original sequin leaf trim textile. Our team provided different options for their couturier including adding more stable fabric in between the leaf shapes to make it easier to sew onto the finished product. Because of their price point, the design house was able to stitch down each individual piece and went with the original idea.

Not all designers can afford to have delicate pieces manufactured properly. Because of the influx of fast fashion, the process - including hand stitching and intricate detailing - can fall by the wayside. However, we can help smaller design companies select quality fabrics that will meet their artistic vision.

We can not only change the colors but take colors out of a print completely. We’ve taken bright florals and made a “negative” look to them by removing the coloring and leaving shades of gray, black, and white.

Designer Naem Khan wanted to do an animal print with us, so we helped to develop a fabric that came out to have a very unique mirrored look to it and resembled a kaleidoscope. This fabric wound up on the runway!

Zang Toi came to our studio with a beautiful floral image and wanted to change the coloring. We ended up creating an original print from the photo given to us for their runway collection.

Celebrating Over 20 Years in the Wholesale Textiles Business!

The Erich Soldat Textile Agency has proudly been the link between European mills and US fashion designers for over 20 years. Founded in 2000 in the heart of the fashion world - NYC, our client list has grown to include well-known names, brand new designers, and many in between. Textiles are our passion! We want to help you develop your next collection of art in the form of fashion that portrays your unique vision.

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