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Hausammann + Moos 1811 is a historical Swiss company that has been offering high-end fabrics for suits, trousers, shirts and dresses for over two centuries.

The precious know-how handed down from generation to generation, the growing investment in technology and machinery, the keen ability to follow habits and market changes, have made this company a world leader in the creation and production of luxury fabrics.

The collection includes various types of yarns, weaves and processes, in order to satisfy the widest possible part of the market, both for women and men, always maintaining the key values in which the company believes: quality, reliability and courtesy.

In 2015 Hausammann + Moos 1811 became part of the C. Tessile S.p.A. group. The combination gives rise to an expansion of the product offer. The knowledge of the female world of Hausammann + Moos 1811 Textile and the ability of Canclini 1925 to produce high end fabrics have in fact created a perfect synergy capable of offering the market a richer and more complete collection.

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